Alex Jones and the food babe teamed up, entire scientific communities fell to their knees groaning

Oof.  I’m kind of late to this one, but this constitutes as legitimate torture.  Trying to sit through even a couple minutes of this is a challenge I wasn’t ready for.  Tread carefully here all who dare enter, these two are a perfect storm of idiocy.  She runs through her common arguments (like, if you can’t pronounce or spell it, don’t eat it-I guess that doesn’t include quinoa) while Alex does his best “I’m trying to not shit my pants or scream” face.

She also says that organizations like the FDA are “not everyday people like you or me, Alex.  They’re out to make money.”  Now, I genuinely believe that Vani Hari’s intentions may be good, but last time I checked the average person doesn’t get paid thousands of dollars to show up and panic people at speaking engagements.

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