Who are we?

It’s become a frequent question: Who are these people at The Mind Restrained?  What is their interest in doing this?  Are they secret lizard aliens here to indoctrinate us?  I don’t like the somewhat insidious nature of you (the dear reader) not knowing who we are, so consider this a formal introduction to the page and its history!

The Mind Restrained was founded by Bobby Truelove in the summer of 2014 as a parody of The Mind Unleashed, a site that pushes what we all consider to be ridiculous pseudo science.  The intention of our page is to be informative, but also to be funny.


His name was Bobby Truelove

My name is Flynn McEchron.  Bobby and I have been friends for a few years.  We met in Portland Oregon (which is where I have and probably always will live) as Bobby was traveling.  He invited me to join the page in October 2014 due to our similar outlooks on life.  Actually, I think his exact words were “Hey, I know you’re really outspoken among the Portland hippies, wanna post some shit?”

I’ve been with the page since and have been working to bring on others.  I invited my friend Dan Mitch to start contributing in January- February of this year.  Dan is a University of Philadelphia student who I’d been talking to, and I was already sharing a lot of content from his personal page, So I asked him one day if he’d like to just take part in posting with us.  He jumped at it, which was a big boost- Dan is a knowledgeable resource on GMOs and brought a new level of standards to the goings-on at TMR.


Artists depiction of Dan engaging with the internet on GMOs


I’ve also been working diligently on this here website, with the MAJOR assistance of a dedicated reader named James Thompson.  James messaged us and asked if we had any use for his web skills, and he’s been an extremely direct and informative team member ever since.  James doesn’t post with us, but he does answer all the burning questions I have on just how the hell this website stuff works.

It can be hard to know where your information is coming from in the social media age.  I’m not sure if this introduction here gives you more or less confidence in us, as we are not trying to make any claim that we’re the be all, end all authority.  I will say that Dan, Bobby and I have all spent quite a lot of time now researching and writing on the subjects of our page- but that doesn’t mean we know everything.  Quite the contrary, we’re doing our best to learn all that we can.  This has been a personal labor of love, and it was one that started well before the page was actually here to bring us together.  We’ve all independently reached our conclusions through education at University and personal motivation to better understand the world we live in.

Bottom line:  We’ve been accused quite a few times now of being shills.  Wrong: A shill gets paid!  As much as I wish this was paying my bills, my interest comes out of personal inclination.

I see so much fear and paranoia among friends (online and off), and paranoia always registers as something painful, to me.  Circles of activism are extremely emotional.  As a considerate person, I’m inclined to look into what’s being said.  And, I have a lot of respect for activism (although in getting older I prescribe more and more to the actual process and paperwork than to street level activism).  I’ve always taken a personal cue to dive in and see if there’s anything to what is being said.  It is misinformation that has created the chemtrail/GMO/lizard alien conspiracies, and as it turns out, its making a handful of people really wealthy.  Hows that for a conspiracy?  THE CONSPIRACY IS COMING… FROM INSIDE THE CONSPIRACY!!


My personal goal with this page is to cultivate a community of critics.  If we’re wrong about something, we want to know- but be prepared to back it up with facts and evidence.  We do our best to extend that level of thoroughness to you.  Social Media as a platform spreads the good information fast- but it spreads the bad information faster.  My hope is that we can all take more responsibility to understand our part in making the internet itself a valuable resource.

This has been a rewarding learning experience since the beginning, and from everyone here at TMR, THANK YOU!


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