Looking for like minded individuals to hippie out with

Please be open minded to my catalog of maddening needs!  We’ve provided a copy of the original ad below.  Holy chakra crystal healing, non gender-identifying batperson!  We’ll be posting follow up emails throughout the week.

Quiet Vegan Gal Seeks Peaceful Abode

F/ early 30s seeks home with the following characteristics:~ TV Free
~ Vegan kitchen
~Drug/alcohol free – including no 420
~ Roommates engage conscious, non-violent communication
~Mutual respect for social/spatial boundaries
~Positive energy/vibe
~Free of chemical household cleaners
~Low visitor traffic
~ No screaming children, loud dogs/door slamming
~ High standard of cleanliness
~Conscious/mindful lifestyle choices (i.e. roommate(s) are active and reinforce healthy living – eat organic, non-processed food, exercise/meditate/practice yoga/compost)
~Rural setting a perk, but not requiredPrefer to live among one, possibly two positive, mature, emotionally stable adults who lead independent lives.Values/Interests include:
~ Energy/nature conservation
~Strict meditation/yoga practice
~Mindfulness practice -lifestyle/diet (eat mostly raw, and all organic non-GMO food)
~Feng Shui
~Holistic approach to life – ongoing interest in herbal science/modalities of energy healing
~Clear, non-violent communication
~Appreciation for dry/absurdist humor
~ EMF Sensitivity
~ Listening
~ Quiet/Solitude (often in deep contemplation) (quiet in my ‘book’ includes: not slamming doors, clanging dishes while cooking, or doing laundry late at night – prefer to live with someone who does not talk on the phone often)
~Music composition/appreciation
~Performing arts*Living among a grounded kindred spirit is desired.*Ideally, your approach to life is proactive, pragmatic, eccentric, passionate, and self-disciplined. You don’t air dirty laundry, or complain about situations/circumstances which are uncontrollable. In spite of global circumstances, you remain centered, joyful, loving, and compassionate, without being naive, foolish, or compromising values true to the heart.*If this situation aligns with what you seek, please reply to the ad with a short bio, along with a phone number and suitable day/time to call.Namaste“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” – Alan Watts

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